Our winners!

On Thermal Engineer Day we celebrate the contributions of those people that understand and work with heat management, and we’re commemorating the importance of this form of energy in the world. On this special day. On this special day, we will also hold our TIM raffle. The winner will be rewarded with a great BBQ and a place in the Hall of Thermal Engineers Fame.


Nora klaren

In 2022, Nora Klaren of AAA-LUX won the first TIM Lottery! To thank her, we gave her a great BBQ as a gift to enjoy the hot summer days.


Wessel Wits

In 2023, Wessel Wits of Thales won the second TIM Lottery! To thank him, we gave him a great coolenator as a gift to enjoy the hot summer days.


24 juli

Want to thank your favourite Thermal Engineer too? Then sign them up in advance for the next TIM raffle. We will also send them a nice postcard from you on Thermal Engineer Day, just to thank them for being there.