Help us celebrate 24th of July

Happy Thermal Engineer Day

You might not know it, but thermal energy is all around us. It’s the energy within any system that is responsible for its temperature. The transfer of this energy from one system to another causes heat. On this day, we’re celebrating the contributions of those people that understand and work with heat management, and we’re commemorating the importance of this form of energy in the world and to stay updated follow top Thermal Engineers on their proactive journey of increasing awareness about the importance of energy around us. Do you work with Thermal Engineers? Then you will understand the importance if their work. Let’s say thanks to them. 

How to celebrate 🎉

Now what can we do to celebrate this day and how can we thank the Thermal Engineers we work with?

Without thermal engineering and thermal engineers, the electronics we use every day wouldn’t function properly. So buy the thermal engineer in your life an ice-cold beverage. Don’t know any thermal engineers? Give the entire profession a shout-out online by posting about this day.

One of the main objectives behind this day is to acknowledge the contributions of the men and women in the thermal engineering field. Telling at least one other person about this day allows people to understand the exceptional work done in this field and appreciate the dedication of thermal engineers.

Read up about this field, its applications, and the people who have contributed to thermal engineering over the decades. Their innovations and advancement efforts have made it possible for so many common inventions to flourish. The least we can do is be more knowledgeable about this field.

Thank your favourite Thermal Engineer via this website. Submit the below form and make them stand out! Each year we will hold a special TIM Raffel and reward one of our heroes with a great price.

Interview with Norbert

So how does a Thermal Engineer work, how do they think, how does a day at work look like for them? We’ve checked it out. Norbert, a Dutch Thermal Engineer, answered our many questions.

OUR TIM heroes

Jan Egbert Annevelink
Arvoo Engineering
Paul Schaareman
Curtiss Wright Controls
Mazyar Moghaddam
Nick Thomassen
Consultant (ex Philips)
Quint van Voorst Vader
Yannick Jeggels
Clemens Lasance
SomeLikeitCool (ex Philips)
Optimal Thermal Solutions
Orga BV

Thank your TIM Engineer and LET THEM win a BBQ!

Submit your favorite Thermal Engineer and let them participate in our special TIM Raffle. Their knowledge will be rewarded with an awesome BBQ and a place in the hall of Thermal Engineers Fame on this great page. Also, we will send them an awesome postcard, from you, just to thank them for their existence. Isn’t that a great way to celebrate them? We will let you know who wins so you can invite yourself to the BBQ party 😉

Please come back next year.